Another Year, Another Destiny

Jan 10, 2013   //   by James Kreitzer   //   DAY-TO-DAY  //  No Comments

Holy flip!!!! Another year is upon and as I approach the new year there are some wonderful things awaiting me in the near future. First, I finally will graduate with my bachelors degree from Dixie State College, soon to be university, in Computer Information Technologies with a visual technologies emphasis. So super stoked! Second, looking forward to another great year at the good ol’ Canyon Media as Interactive Director. I love my staff and those I work with. This is great because we are really improving out brand and identity. New websites, new sales packages, new video series, etc… All that encompass our goal and identity. Third, looking forward to learning some new technologies to improve my skills. Fourth, this year will make 4 years with my amazing wife!!! Love her!

Blogging from your phone, while convenient, is not the most effective. So at this juncture I bid you farewell for now. God Bless and Peace Out!!! To a hopefully stupendous 2013!!!! While an odd number it does contain lucky number 3. And you are an evens person add them up and you get a clean number 6. What ever makes you feel better. Over and Out.

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